Temporary Mesh Panels

Ideal for any event, our temporary mesh panels are manufactured to the highest Australian Standard 4687- 2007.

Temporary Hoarding Fencing

Protect the security and privacy of your event with our 100% block out temporary hoarding fence panels.

Temporary Prestige Fencing

Temporary prestige fencing panels create a high-end look and provide unique anti-climb properties, perfect for events, concerts and festivals.

Crowd Control Barriers

TFH’s crowd control barriers are freestanding and easily installed, making them ideal for event and pedestrian containment purposes.

Temporary Pool Fencing

TFH's temporary pool fencing can also be used as an alternative to crowd control fencing, offering additional height.

Temporary Picket Fencing

Lightweight, easy to transport and robust, TFH's temporary white picket fencing is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

Ground Protection

Our high-density polyurethane ground protection mat reduces vehicle impact on event sites while increasing traction on soft and/or muddy terrain.

Event Flooring

Ideal for events of any size, TFH's event flooring can be used on lawns, paddocks, mud, dirt, asphalt or other venue surfaces.

Water Barrier

Our water barriers are a simple and effective method of providing pedestrian direction and area demarcation for your event.

Water Barrier Mesh Extensions

Add these mesh extensions to your water barriers to give your event boundary extra height and security.

Water Barrier Hoarding Extensions

Add these hoarding extensions to the top of water barriers to enclose areas and give your event additional privacy.


Bracing provides extra structural support for mesh fencing and hoarding, to increase wind resistance when mesh panels are covered in shade cloth or

Barbed Wire

TFH stocks barbed wire for enhanced site security when required.

Extension Panels

Extension panels increase the overall height of mesh fencing to 2.4 metres, for added security and safety.

Dog Proofing

Attached to the bottom fence panels, dog proofing prevents objects or animals getting through the gap between the fence and the ground.

Gate Wheels

Attached to the bottom of gate panels, these gate wheels facilitate ease of entry and exit for vehicles.

Gate Latches

Gate latches ensure the security of your site's gates, stopping wind swing and improving safety for site staff and visitors.

Gate Overs

Purpose built gate overs can be secured to the top of gate panels to allow for directional signage or banners.

Custom Banners

TFH provides custom designed banners for your event, in an array of colours and sizes to suit your requirements.

Security Lock Nuts

These specialised security lock nuts are used to attach clamps to temporary fencing, adding to site security.


Gates are available in 1 and 1.2 metre personnel and 2.5 and 5 metre vehicle sizes, either single or double panel.

Pool Gates

Our pool gates are sturdily manufactured and key lockable with a self-closing magna latch.

Portable Toilets

Our fully serviced freshwater flush toilets are perfect for events, festivals and concerts of all sizes.

Accessible Portable Toilets

Our accessible portable toilets eliminate the need for ramps, are self-closing and fitted with a heavy duty stainless steel support rail.

Wizz Wall

Constructed of thick, high-grade polyethylene with a 650 litre capacity, the Wizz Wall is ideal for large-scale outdoor events.

Hand Wash Station

TFH's portable hand wash stations are perfect for any event, with over 1400 water pumps per fill and the option of hot or cold water.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser units offer a water-free alternative to the hand wash station, complete with a sanitising solution that is designed to kill 99% of

Site Sheds

Portable site sheds are ideal for event management, administration and/or First Aid, and are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Ticket Booths

Ticket booths can be utilised at any event. Available with 2, 3 and 5 windows, providing options for events of all sizes.

Water Hydration Units

Our custom built water hydration units are perfect as a source of clean drinking water for large outdoor events.

Promotional Bottled Water

Keep your site staff hydrated with our 600ml bottles of promotional bottled water, or advertise your company using our custom labelling service.